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Rochester, Michigan 48308-0550


Phone: (586) 255-1298

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Administrative Management

  • Notify Homeowners, Utilities and Vendors of New Management
  • Assist in Minimizing Burden of Board Members
  • Request, Review & Maintain Association Insurance Policies
  • Review Association's Governing Documents Including: Master Deed, By-laws, Amendments and Resolutions
  • Communicate to Board a Cost-Effective, Proactive Approach Towards Property Management
  • Review and/or Establish Emergency Procedures:
    • Emergency Water Shut-Off
    • Emergency Gas Shut-Off
    • Emergency Fire Evacuation
  • Attend Board and Association Meetings
  • Prepare Newsletters, Mail Notices, Proxies, Ballots and Agendas
  • Maintain All Association Records and Handle All Board and Homeowner Correspondences
  • Record and Maintain Information Containing Names and Phone Numbers of Homeowners Including Emergency Contact